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Links of the Week: March 5th Edition

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean we are taking the day off! Here are some of the social media stories that got bookmarked by Dialogue Media this week.

One is the Loneliest Number, but One Billion is a lot Happier

In case anyone is still trying to convince you that social media is a fad, new numbers suggest that two of the largest sites in the world could both pull in 1 Billion Dollars in revenue in the coming years. It seems that Facebook is geared to hit the 1.1 billion mark in 2010 while YouTube could hit the magic mark in 2011 ( and have Google keep 700 million in the process).  Not bad for a fad.

American Idol’s Social Profiles Get a Facelift

After establishing profiles for each of the 24 contestants earlier in the season, American Idol has apparently consolidated their entire operation into one account on each major network.  Fans of contestants were greeted by “Thanks so much for following me! All my updates from now on will be on our Official Ai9 Twitter Page”. Some are wondering if follower counts were taking away some of the mystery that AI usually enjoys.  We’re wondering if this will affect how fans interact with the brand down the road.  What do you think?

Foursquare and Owalla to Battle for World Domination at SXSW

Well… not really.  But after unveiling last year at the conference, both have rolled out new features in anticipation of this year’s party in Austin.  Techcrunch is reporting that Owalla has done a major redesign while Foursquare has added a category functionality.  And the word on the street is that both are rolling out new mobile apps next week.  We’re happy using both, but it will be interesting to see who wins this battle of the buzz.

What were some of your favorite PR or social media stories of the last week?

And the Emmy for Social Media Intergration goes to…

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Did you watch the 61st Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday night? Or were you one of the 24.8 million people who turned on Week 2 on Sunday Night Football? I tuned into the game (I live with a Giants fan) but thanks to the power of social media I was easily able to follow along. But how effective was the social media integration for this year’s Emmys?


  • On the front page of was a live-updating widget that allowed me to read both tweets and Emmy related status updates. But the best part was easily the Celebrity twitter tab that allowed me to check out only tweets from different celebs around the room.
  • Over on Facebook a lively amount of conversation was happening on the Emmy’s Fan Page. At the same time one person was live-tweeting results and performances on the Emmy Twitter feed.
  • While there was no live video, it was nice to see Dr. Horrible’s “web video” interception.  It was a good laugh but watch it for yourself (below). Some of those jokes might become true…


  • No live video. Unlike the President’s Inauguration, this was meant to be a complement to the broadcast not a replacement.
  • While I enjoyed the live action widget, I wish it lived on a separate page.  With the amount of things it was pulling in, it was a little hard to follow. Plus when I went to see it again, it was gone!  The Emmy’s threw away a wealth of reaction.
  • The YouTube channel that links to didn’t have a whole lot to do with the broadcast.  Considering how much work goes into these productions, couldn’t some exclusive video be shared,


  • The social media integration for this year’s Emmy’s may have won a supporting actor award but certainly not a lead.  While the ideas were in the right place, the extra effort didn’t seem to be there on any of their social media properties.  Still it was great to see events like this embrace social media and I hope they do even more with it next year.

What was your favorite part of the Emmy’s?  Did you participate online at all?