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Wall Street Journal technology editor shares Twitter experience

Monday, March 9th, 2009

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation to the interns at MWW Group’s headquarters in East Rutherford, NJ. I spent the majority of the time discussing the fine art of blogger outreach, and at the very end, I asked if anyone had any questions. Immediately, the interns jumped on the opportunity to talk about Twitter. Although Twitter is celebrating its third birthday this month, it is still seen as the mysterious new kid on the social networking block, and a large number of people still question it as being a fad.

Despite suspicions that this could be a waste of time, brands (whether companies or individuals) are staking their claim in Twitter. They are interacting with friends, fans and followers on a regular basis through this unusual stream of conversation.

Today, the Wall Street Journal’s The Decoder blog posted an interesting article on entering the Twittersphere from the perspective of their senior technology editor, Julia Angwin. She shares her experience as a newbie on Twitter, giving a less-technical explanation on how to use Twitter than is commonly found on Twitter articles today. She does mention how some brands are interacting on Twitter, but for the most part she describes the experience from an individual’s point-of-view, which is incredibly helpful for someone who has never used the tool. It’s difficult to wrap your head around how to use Twitter for your client when you yourself have never used it. The article isn’t perfect, and leaves out some nitty-gritty information on Direct Messages or how @ replies actually work, and she fails to mention trending topics or hashtags.

Nevertheless, for someone who has opened an account and is facing “0 following, 0 followers,” this is a good anecdote of how to get started and how to keep going.

Still looking for more ways to get grasp on the Twitter phenomenon? Check out this short and sweet video, courtesy of Common Craft.