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A Day In The Internet

Friday, December 18th, 2009

This graphic tells a compelling story about just how central the internet is to communication and content development on a daily basis.  The numbers are amazing – and it looks pretty too.

A Day in the Internet
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FDA Hearings on Social Media

Friday, November 13th, 2009

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) held hearings for the last two days on the issue of drug promotion on the internet and social media.  Of key concern – drug ads on Google and elsewhere were missing critical health side-effects information which is mandatory in other media formats such as print, radio and television.  To help clarify the issue, heavy weights such as Google, Yahoo and Pfizer testified to present their case in addressing these concerns.

As we saw it, there are two different, but related, issues at play here, including:

1.) How drug companies can advertise on the internet:

Due to the nature of the medium (i.e., small website banners and sponsored search links) companies such as Google, Yahoo and various pharmaceutical companies are urging the FDA to provide a direction on how to appropriately inform consumers of the drug’s health risks.  Google and the pharmaceutical industry have provide suggestions that include links back to informative web properties; both the WSJ Health Blog and NPR’s Health Blog delve deeper into this story.

2.) What role pharma companies will play in social media regarding how drug information is discussed:

The big issue at hand is how pharma companies must disclose health risks while remaining conversational on social media (i.e., Twitter, Facebook and blogs).  One issue that resonated was control on user edited sites like Wikipedia; these sites provide less control for brands to manage what the users add or delete from drug information.  As such, pharmaceutical reps are arguing that they should be held accountable for only information under their direct control, such as company websites.  More information on this story can be found on NextGov. Some interesting thinking on addressing both of these concerns by Pharma Marketing News and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America, as reported by redOrbit: “Online pharmaceutical-marketing expert John Mack of Pharma Marketing News, recommended that the FDA take the unprecedented step of mandating that drug manufacturers put “tags” on their Twitter posts in order to monitor and potentially censor discussions about specific products.  A similar suggestion was made earlier in the week by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America representative Jeffrey Francer, in which he encouraged the FDA to require a standard safety logo for drug-related Web content that would link consumers to an official FDA-approved website with information about the medication in question.”

As marketers, for any campaign or program, clearly we need to be mindful in how we create online ad campaigns and how we develop social media strategy to ensure proper discloser of drug health risks. We are strong proponents in the value of social media in providing access to health related information and connecting with others of similar conditions.  In fact, social media is the perfect tool to being an informed patient, which, we believe, can help in better treatments and care.  However, social media is no substitute to consulting with our doctors about what is the best course of treatment for whatever ails us.

We’ll continue to monitor this news and share updates and thinking along the way.

Nikon Festival: 140 Seconds of Your Life

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Nikon — a long-standing MWW Group Client — kicked off an online video festival today to celebrate the HD video capture feature on the Nikon D5000.  The Festival encourages people to submit a short 140-second video on that captures their experience within the festival theme: “A Day Through Your Lens.”

Submissions will be judged by Rainn Wilson, iJustine, Chase Jarvis and the online community.

The best part? The first prize winner — the Judges Award — will receive $100,000 and a D5000 kit. The submission that receives the most video views and highest consumer rating wins the Audience Award — $25,000 and a D5000 Kit.

I think Nikon will learn a lot about how people  use and enjoy their cameras during this  two month campaign.  Not just through the videos created, but in the dialogue on the Twitter and Facebook properties.  Better yet, this a compelling way to talk about the camera features and enable people to share creative thinking. The art and technology combination.

Pretty cool.

Celebrities and Twitter

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

I must confess that I have quite the affinity towards colorful pie charts, so when I came across Mashable’s post the other day with this beauty I was pretty excited.

It has become very common to see celebrities using Twitter to connect with fans and promote their recent projects but did you ever really think about how they stack up against one another in terms of engagement, sentiment, and followers/following ratio? Brian Solis and PeopleBrowsr recently released the Twitter Celebrity Report for August 2009 where he analyzes the conversation and celebrity engagement during the month of August 2009. It’s a great read and I highly recommend taking a look at it.

LOTD: 9/29/09

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

News from DialogueMedia

Washington Post Cracks Down on Dissident Journalists

Reports have come in that the authorities at Washington Post have launched a severe crackdown on journalists’ use of social media after news broke that one of its editors, Raju Narisetti, used the popular microblogging website, Twitter, to send personal opinionated comments to the public.  The crackdown includes never before seen levels of censorship by shutting down Narisetti’s independent Twitter profile and new edicts outlawing similar uses by all WaPo writers.  These actions have been severely criticized by other member websites such as TechCrunch with limited discussion on the subject coming from within.  Narisetti’s conditions and whereabouts within the WaPo HQ are as yet unknown.

Brand Websites Under Attack by Google Sidewiki

Correspondent Steve Woodruff reports that brand websites are facing a critical threat to its image by the emergence of Google’s new tool called Sidewiki.  The wiki allows rogue agents to leave unflattering comments in direct contradiction to the careful messaging on the branded websites for all others to see.  Woodruff highlights the effects it is having on pharmaceutical blogs and websites.

Google Wave or a Google Tsunami?

Reports indicate that there are high levels of chatter surrounding Google Wave to be unleashed today.  Some are predicting it to be a Google Tsunami in its “potential to redefine the web and how we interact digitally.” Experts are still waiting to see what effect it will have for brands and social media strategy.

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