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Two Tips for Tuesday- Status Updates

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Since most of the world’s Facebook users have decided to stay with the service, it’s only fair that we take the spotlight off the privacy tools for a second. Instead I suggest we dive into a few ways that Facebook let’s you take control of your Fan pages or whatever you prefer to call them now.

  1. Promote Your Status- Want to promote your most recent brand page and want to do it quickly?  I’ve noticed that each update now has the option to “promote”. Clicking on it brings up a ready made ad featuring your page name, profile picture and most recent status update.  Edits can be made to targeting, price and duration, but the interesting part in this ad tool has to be simplicity.  Now you can find a much larger audience for your fan page and your content with a click of a button.
  2. Edit Your Links- It’s easy to add a link to your status update with the link tool, but did you know that you can edit it as well?  A link brings in the header and first chunk of content on the page as well as the pictures.  It’s easy to scroll through the pictures, but if you double click on the header or content that FB has pulled in, you can edit that as well.  This can be especially important if the link isn’t being explained well or is bringing in jibberish.  With this quick edit, you can make sure all of your links look great!

Well there’s two quick tips to start your shortened week off right.  Now if you have decided to trust Facebook for a little while longer, at least you can promote and edit your fan page accordingly.

What are you doing to tweak your fan pages?  More importantly, what are you calling your fan pages after the switch to likes?

Radio Playing the Status Update Game

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

A BPP die-hard, I was skeptical of The Takeaway – seemingly NPR’s second stab at a hip, in-the-know, multi-medium news show.  Most days, I follow the RSS feed and actually listen-in on Friday mornings durring my commute.

Last Friday, I was treated to a surprise:  The Takeaway was asking their audience to play a massive game of Foursquare.  Throughout the show, listeners “checked-in” with updates from the mundane to the exciting.  Some were starting their day, some were already in the throes of closing out a week.  It was weird hearing these updates verbalized when you’re so conditioned to reading them in an endless stream of ephemera.  That might be why status update services like Twitter work so well/have been adopted so quickly but that is a post for another day.  You can click through to listen to some of the best ones they received.

Scott Lamb, senior editor at another personal favorite of mine – BuzzFeed, was also a guest on the show and broke down the appeal of these hip new social networks:

Like the absurd mundanity of Twitter, Foursquare encourages broadcasting the small stuff, letting people know where you went for lunch. And that’s exactly the appeal — get to know what I do, and you’ll get to know who I am. And there’s an undeniable joy at finding yourself near the top of the week’s leaderboard. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go check in — I’m trying to earn some points here.

Much like CNN on Twitter, it’s always very refreshing seeing and experiencing mediums whom are undergoing massive change (in terms of consumption) embrace new technology that maybe their entire audience doesn’t get just yet but, most importantly, the passionate ones are already using.

Update:  Producer Jim Colgan gives the back-story to why they decided to experiment with Foursquare, etc.:

No major news was broken with this experimental journalism. But in many significant ways we broke down the barriers between the radio hosts and the radio audience. Even the people who didn’t call in were hearing about the people who did, fellow listeners whose experience they shared each time we played or read a response.