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LOTD: 2/9/2010

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Google Launches “Buzz”

Google announced Buzz, a service similar to Twitter, Yammer, Foursquare, Yelp and other, but built right into Gmail to leverage its current user base.  More information on activating this service is available at

Foursquare Partners with Major Brands

Location-based services were predicted to get major traction in 2010.  That much seems true as Foursquare has signed on with several major brands to provide location based services.  Partners include Zagat, Warner Bros, HBO, History Channel, and the New York Times.

Writing for People and SEO

Brian Clark delves into how to write to increase SEO, often one of the important goals of setting up a blog or corporate website makeovers.  However, Brian emphasizes the importance to write for people instead, relying less on keyword frequency and instead using the readers language.  The article provides some great ideas in ways to create content that is both engaging to the reader and good for search engine crawlers.

3 Reasons Why Consumer Product Reviews Are Necessary On A Company Website

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Amazon Review

Product reviews have become standard practice for most online retailers, yet many brands are simply not implementing it on their own websites for their products.  Whether you go to or Best Buy’s website for purchase, the presence of the consumer reviews of products is unavoidable.  These reviews can have significant impact on consumer purchasing decision.

A consumer reviews practice on a brand’s website has a different purpose than that of an online retailer.  It is about communication and PR and less to deal with sales.  There is stronger link to sales only if the brand has an online store selling directly to consumers but otherwise it is mostly about brand perception management.  This is why a product review practice accomplishes several things.

Dell Review

The top three benefits from my perspective are:

  1. Communicates that the company is listening to consumer feedback on its products.  While reviews are pretty structured in format, it is still an avenue for the consumer to channels their views back to the brand about the product, short of calling the customer support line.  It also allows the consumers to voice both positive and negative views about the product.  It is important to understand that while the views are specific to the product, simply having review practice in place also communicates volumes about the brand itself, which brings me to my next point.
  2. The willingness of a brand to listen to its consumers communicates greater transparency, which in turn can increase trust in the brand.  If consumers think that the brand is open to not just praise but also “constructive criticism” about its products, it creates the perception of honest dialog between the two parties.  As such, this is as much about brand perception management as it is about marketing to improve product sales.
  3. A review practice on the brand’s website can draw in people searching for product reviews through increased SEO value.  As more reviews are written, a brand’s page can increase its SEO value and become the source for information on a particular item or rank high in a given category of products.

However, the a review practice simply can’t be a replacement for quality improvements on a given product or service.  If a product is not improved upon after countless feedback from  consumers, it can not only have negative PR implications, it is also poor business management as sales will suffer in the long-term.  However, a product review practice can certainly help with brand perception while giving time for improving based on the feedback received through multiple channels with consumer reviews being one of them.

Are there any other benefits that should be included in this list?   Do let me know in the comments below.

Titles are your friends

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Dear Eric Zorn,

Chris and I really love you and your blog. Just one piece of feedback I’d like to share after seeing this gem of a post title earlier today (for link click slackers, it’s “The call is coming from inside the house!!!!”), I wanted to point out that if you’d get the fine folks at the Trib to make your title tags as your post titles, you’d get far better search engine traffic for whatever pithy witticism you chose to put in there.