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Tracking the iTablet

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Tomorrow the world’s most important tablet since Moses will descend unto the frothing masses from Apple. Yes, the long awaited iTablet is no longer a whispered about dream, it appears to be a reality. And it appears that the social media elite just can’t stop talking about it. Gizmodo and Mashable both have dedicated tags for the mythical beast and if it does launche tomorrow say goodbye to the front page of Techmeme. But for a true look at the enormity of the iTablet, we need to use D.Insight to track the iTablet.

To get a comprehensive look at the conversation over the last thirty days, I punched a few iTablet and Apple related keywords into D.Insight (as powered by Radian6).


While rumors of the iTablet have exsisted for years, it wasn’t until January 3rd that Apple got everyone’s attention, in the middle of CES 2010! Since then the rumor mills have slowly been turning, before going into overdrive yesteryday.


Radian6 gets granuler(er)

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Late last week, Radian6 instituted a palate of new features designed to amplify its already robust social media monitoring services. The updates are outlined in detail on the Radian6 Power Shift blog, but since a large part of DialogueMedia’s D.Insight digital media monitoring suite is powered by Radian6 technology, I wanted to quickly highlight one of the most significant additions of the overhaul: comment monitoring.

By tracking comment threads across the Web, Radian6 now detects most major venues of conversation online — forums and micromedia have been available for some time. Comments are, in many cases, the most important part of a blog. They echo the sentiment of the market and are therefore more directly representative of the of public position that a blog post would be on its own.

The opportunity presented by this level of granularity is an unprecedented one for brands. Where once monitoring conversation online was only sure to be time consuming, we can now ensure relevant data in a timely fashion — which is to say, if you’re not following the conversation, it’s time to get started.

Introducing D.Insight

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

On behalf of DialogueMedia at MWW Group, I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability D.Insight a new suite of social media monitoring utilities powered by Radian6 technology. The service enables monitoring and analysis of dialogue across the social web, giving users access to real-time conversations on any chosen topic and insight about how to join and influence those discussions.

The D.Insight social media monitoring platform gathers real-time-as-discovered information from across the social web, including blogs, video sharing sites, boards and forums including LinkedIn Answers, and emerging media such as FriendFeed and Twitter. It can be used to develop anything from an intuitive competitive analysis to generating new leads for business.

We’ll be running an explanatory series on the service in the very near future, but if you’re looking for more information on the quick, feel free to hit me on twitter @blake.