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P. Diddy Making a Run on Twitter

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Celebrities using Twitter is all the rage right now.  Rightfully so, it gives them a hungry, always-on audience which they can control the message with.  Something a lot of them might not be used to these days.  Fan favorite, P.Diddy broke on to the Twitter-scene not too long ago in only a way Diddy could:  trying to raise his spirits via the bedroom.

Starting two nights ago, he’s updating semi-live from recording sessions for his new album.  Pointing out that lots are asking him to do live Ustream sessions, etc. but, respectively, he says that he needs to edit his stuff because it’s hard for him to watch his mouth and doesn’t want to end up on “CNN” (even so, some NSFW language follows):

Besides the obvious mainstream exposure for Twitter, why does this matter?

As the night went on, P. eventually got around to an early breakfast – at 6am – sampling different fried chickens.  Popeye’s & KFC.  At the end of each video throughout the first night, Diddy asks his audience to reply to him on Twitter about the questions he asks in each.  Someone from Popeye’s was listening and last night’s session started off with a delivery from them and Mr. Combs himself asking KFC to step-up.  Classic opportunity for engagement and getting your product in front of captive, dedicated audiences.  It’ll be interesting to see how either brand takes advantage of the rapid celebrity involvement and speed at witch this technology moves.  Quite honestly though, the bigger story is how quickly this might change the celebrity “endorsement” game.

Where do we go from here?  We’re only a “tweet” away.