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LOTD: 1/19/10

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Facebook Privacy Debate Rages On As Sensitive User Information Is Made Public

Marshall Kirkpatrick does an excellent job of laying out the arguments on both sides.  While the response from the Facebook camp has been both inconsistent and unconvincing, Marshall also presents some legitimate privacy concerns about the current public-only features of the profile pages.  Also check out Shel Israel’s open letter to Marck Zuckerberg.  From a network that attracted users by promising to let them connect to friends only within their college network but then transforming to one that now exposes potentially damaging and sensitive information to the entire internet community (family, professional networks and political affiliations included), is this a case of “bait-and-switch” on Facebook’s part?

Things that Make Companies Unprepared for Adopting Social Media

Joshua-Michéle Ross has some interesting points on why some companies may not be a good fit for social media.  Inability or unwillingness to address user concerns as the communication department may have little to no control over product quality, pricing and terms of use are some of the major concerns.

Content Delivery and Lagging Broadband Speeds

Streaming content may be getting a big push as Microsoft is in talks with Disney about getting ESPN content available through Xbox 360.  At the same time, a study by Akamai shows that US broadband speed has been lagging in comparison to other countries.  This is sure to create conflict as majority of broadband users connect to the internet via cable companies who will be directly affected by this growing trend in streaming content.

A plea for context

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Dear Everyone on the Internet:

Please stop referring to Hulu as a competitor to YouTube. That was alright a few months ago when plans were still sketchy and no one – including yours truly – didn’t think it would actually get off the ground. But now we know what it looks like and what the content is and the analogy is completely off-base.

Saying Hulu competes with YouTube is like saying your Aunt Rosemary inviting you over to watch slides of her 55+ singles cruise competes with the local AMC Theater multiplex. Yes, they both require an investment of time by the user but that’s about the extent of where they overlap.

Hulu is stocked with professionally produced television shows and movies. YouTube is, by and large, stocked with videos created by amateurs. That’s not always the case – the site is a valuable tool for companies to distribute their commercials, movie trailers or other officially produced videos. And it’s a great place to run a video contest or other promotion.

But it’s not a home for full-length entertainment product. Hulu is, at least within the parameters of its partnerships with network partners.

So please stop it. I’ve been guilty of labeling the venture as a “YouTube-killer” or something like that in the past, but that was in the past. Now we know better.


UK broadband penetration jumps

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

On Tuesday, eMarketer announced a report stating that the United Kingdom has shown a huge increase in broadband penetration in the last year, jumping from 46% of all Internet users to 73%. Additionally, eMarketer expects the UK to “catch up with the US by 2008.”