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LOTD: 2/9/2010

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Google Launches “Buzz”

Google announced Buzz, a service similar to Twitter, Yammer, Foursquare, Yelp and other, but built right into Gmail to leverage its current user base.  More information on activating this service is available at

Foursquare Partners with Major Brands

Location-based services were predicted to get major traction in 2010.  That much seems true as Foursquare has signed on with several major brands to provide location based services.  Partners include Zagat, Warner Bros, HBO, History Channel, and the New York Times.

Writing for People and SEO

Brian Clark delves into how to write to increase SEO, often one of the important goals of setting up a blog or corporate website makeovers.  However, Brian emphasizes the importance to write for people instead, relying less on keyword frequency and instead using the readers language.  The article provides some great ideas in ways to create content that is both engaging to the reader and good for search engine crawlers.

LOTD: 1/19/10

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Facebook Privacy Debate Rages On As Sensitive User Information Is Made Public

Marshall Kirkpatrick does an excellent job of laying out the arguments on both sides.  While the response from the Facebook camp has been both inconsistent and unconvincing, Marshall also presents some legitimate privacy concerns about the current public-only features of the profile pages.  Also check out Shel Israel’s open letter to Marck Zuckerberg.  From a network that attracted users by promising to let them connect to friends only within their college network but then transforming to one that now exposes potentially damaging and sensitive information to the entire internet community (family, professional networks and political affiliations included), is this a case of “bait-and-switch” on Facebook’s part?

Things that Make Companies Unprepared for Adopting Social Media

Joshua-Michéle Ross has some interesting points on why some companies may not be a good fit for social media.  Inability or unwillingness to address user concerns as the communication department may have little to no control over product quality, pricing and terms of use are some of the major concerns.

Content Delivery and Lagging Broadband Speeds

Streaming content may be getting a big push as Microsoft is in talks with Disney about getting ESPN content available through Xbox 360.  At the same time, a study by Akamai shows that US broadband speed has been lagging in comparison to other countries.  This is sure to create conflict as majority of broadband users connect to the internet via cable companies who will be directly affected by this growing trend in streaming content.

LOTD: 11/24/09

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

News from DialogueMedia

Website, Facebook, Twitter and How to Use Them

Guy Kawasaki interviews Dan Zarrella on how to use social media.  Key insights for companies include: when to implement a Facebook presence, the difference between a retweet and a Digg, and so on.

What are Company Obligations Under FTC Endorsement Guidelines

This article specifically addresses the issues at play for a company, its employees and any affiliated organizations under the new FTC endorsement guidelines.  Documentation of steps taken to comply with the guidelines is key to any future enforcement action.

The Evolution of Social Media Marketing to Social Business Design

David Armano and Jeff Dachis talk about social media marketing’s evolution in becoming integrated into all aspects of a business.  This is the creation of a social business model.  They provide early examples in the accompanying slide presentation but also some of the challenges they also pose.  This is as much a change to the approach to social media as it is to the way a business is organized.

Socialnomic’s Social Media ROI Video

Here’s a great video by Socialnomics on Social Media ROI that features one of our clients, Volkswagen, which with the help of MWW Group, launched its GTI exclusively through an iPhone/iPod Touch app.

Check it out:

LOTD: 11/09/09

Monday, November 9th, 2009

News from DialogueMedia

Media Mogul to Build Wall around News

At the same time when the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, media mogul Rupert Murdoch states that the News Corp websites will have its stories de-indexed from all search engines.

Droid Army Seeks to Dominate Mobile Ad

With the invasion of the Android mobile OS devices, Google acquires AdMob, a mobile display ad serving platform, for $750 million.  As 2010 is destined to be the year for mobile internet, Google is positioning itself to dominate the lucrative mobile ad business.

Five Future Gaming Trends Predictions

Ben Parr at Mashable makes six predictions for the gaming industry.  Among those that make the list: social gaming acquisitions, monetizing of social gaming and social gaming on traditional console.

LOTD: 10/21/09

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

News from DialogueMedia

Want to Promote a Real Time Event?

Chris Brogan has some wise words for those in need of advice.  They include building a webpage or using Eventbrite for single events, use of other events announcement websites, and other social media platforms.

Mobile Web is on the Verge of Greatness

This will be a significant trend for the next year with an explosion of smartphones to be available across all carriers.  Wordpress, the popular blogging platform, released a mobile web optimized theme suggesting user generated content will be a significant player in the field.

Success in Social Media for Small Businesses

Here are five examples of some great social media use by small businesses.  They involve 2 restaurants, one of the oldest cinemas in the UK, worm composters and active wear.  Do check them out.