About OTD & MWW’s DialogueMedia.

What is Open The Dialogue?

Open the Dialogue is a weblog devoted to the business of communications and how brands engage with and join the greater digital media world. Our mission is provide business leaders with new and provocative thinking on trends, best practices, tools, strategies and how these points can be measured for success. Every member of the DialogueMedia team contributes to the blog in their own voice and we strive to bring outside contributions to the space from our peers at MWW Group and the digital arena at large.

What is DialogueMedia?

MWW Group’s DialogueMedia practice combines MWW Group’s world-class public relations experience with a deep knowledge of cutting edge technologies and trends.  DialogueMedia ensures that our clients are not only aware of what is being said about products, services, executives, or company news, but know how to enter and influence the conversation in a meaningful and engaging way.  From weblogs to wikis, podcasts to RSS feeds, search engine optimization and mobile marketing, MWW Group can tailor a solution to your organization’s needs.  In addition to our monitoring services and digital media strategies, MWW Group is also able to provide avenues into new advertising spaces such as blogs, forums and mobile devices.

DialogueMedia strategies are integrated throughout all of MWW Group’s core practice areas: corporate communications, consumer marketing, public and government affairs, healthcare, internal communications, cause and social marketing.  DialogueMedia works with MWW Group’s clients to ensure they have an ear to the ground and an effective new media strategy to meet business goals.  Whether your business has 1,000,000 key customers or 100, MWW Group knows who, what, where, when, why – and most importantly, how – to reach them.

Who is DialogueMedia?

Learn more about our experienced, social media savvy team:

  • Laura Halsch, Digital Strategist
  • Sav Banerjee, Digital Strategist
  • Alex Payne, Digital Specialist
  • Nazim Uddin, Digital Media Junior Analyst
  • Meghan Butler, New Media Coordinator
  • Hailey Wierzbicki, Digital Media Coordinator