Links of the Week: July 16th Edition

July 16th, 2010
Author: Meghan Butler

Old Spice Man: Smells Like a Viral Win

The online world has been abuzz this week with the release of videos by The OldSpice Man. This viral sensation started out as video advertisement released via YouTube – something that is fairly common nowadays – but the brand kicked it up a notched by not only creating a fantastically interactive Twitter account, but also creating personalized videos for Tweeting celebrities and common folk alike.


Advertising That’s QR Code Friendly

Calvin Klein has introduced a new billboard to the Houston Street area containing a large QR code that encourages passerbys to “get uncensored” and scan the code for a video. There are mixed feelings on the billboard – QR code usage is relatively low so the effectiveness of the ad is in question, however, there is no doubt that this may be the beginning of a trend in advertising.


The Social Network Has Arrived

The first trailer for The Social Network – a movie about the rise and early days of Facebook – has been released.  The trailers gives just enough to entice the audience without being a full-on preview. The social media space is waiting for the premiere with high anticipation.


Hearst and Zinio Push the iPad

Hearst, a competitor of COnde Nast, has teamed with Zinio – an app newsstand proprietor – to release digital versions of several of their publications includiung Seventeen, Esquire, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. Hearst also plans to leverage Oprah’s magazine and status to increase app usage by allowing readers of Oprah’s powerful book club to read the club’s selections on the iPad.

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