Write Your Headline: Nike Digital Installation

June 23rd, 2010
Author: Laura Halsch

Maybe it’s because USA just won (by an amazing goal at the very end of the second half), but I’ve been all over the World Cup this past week.  From New Zealand’s amazing tie with Italy to USA winning Group C, you just can’t beat that.

Nike got tons of coverage and attention for creating the most viral video ever on YouTube (if by some chance you still haven’t seen it – check it out here), but I’m also loving the digital installation that they’ve created in South Africa.

Basically, Nike has created a huge LED display in Johannesburg, and Chalkbot style, is letting fans from around the world use social networks like Facebook to send messages for potential posting.

You can tweet your message to #NikeFuture for a chance for your message to be on of the 100/night that are broadcasted across the display.  Go for it.  And go #USA!

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