LOTD: 4/2/09 – The April Serious Edition?

April 2nd, 2009
Author: John Ratcliffe-Lee

The day after April Fools on the web always seems like a bad hangover. Everyone is struggling to right themselves and get back to work after a day full of bad jokes and tip-toeing around the web unsure if all the tweets they’re reading are actually true or not. The few that caught my eye:

Moving on

The fun ‘n games are over.  Here are some posts that we’ve been tracking.  Pardon the volume, there has been a lot of good stuff bouncing around:

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  • In my 'wrapped' office, there was actually paper on the floor as well. Whenever I moved it sounded like I was at the doctor's office sitting on the examining table with that paper-stuff under my butt.

  • Oh man, that's great. Sometimes you forget how funny the classics are, haha.

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