LOTD: 3/7/08

March 7th, 2008
Author: DialogueMedia
  • The Deal covers the complaint by the shareholder of 1.4% of Audible’s shares, Red Oak Partners LLC, against Amazon.com’s offer to purchase the audio purveyor. (TB)
  • I’d missed covering this a few days ago, but here are Dave Coustan’s comments on people who use hashtags (you know, the #whatever you see from time to time) in their Twitter posts, and why he chooses to unfollow them. (TB)
  • This week, I had received an announcement about Pingology, which claims that at launch in June, it’ll offer a “skill based alternative to costly pay-per-click” marketing efforts. I’m curious to see what this looks and feels like, but perhaps it’s a new way people will look to do business online. (TB)
  • John Gruber points out a great quote from Steve Jobs’ comments to the media this week about apps on the iPhone, and I can’t help but agree. Why exactly should carriers benefit more from the sale of the apps? Isn’t a data plan enough? (TB)

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