“Social Ads, bouncing here and there and everywhere”

November 8th, 2007
Author: DialogueMedia

Everywhere I look this week, it’s all about the social ads. Chris was discussing MySpace’s “targeting” abilities and how that was utilized for ads focused on Amanda Bynes fans, Brian Solis is all over Facebook’s efforts to get you, the user, to essentially identify the companies / brands / products you identify with, and integrate that in various fashions into how your friends and contacts see you in the social network.

But while we have something that might be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the online version of people walking around with your t-shirt on, and influencing their friends to want one, too, we’re also greeted with stuff like this, an “ad” in your Facebook feed featuring Odd Thomas (whose page, amusingly, only contains links to his MySpace profile, not the one on Facebook. OOPS!), made to “look” MUCH more like something that is, as Dave suggests, “more like friend news.” Is that any better than the typical “sponsored” items in your friend news? I guess that’s up to the whole eye, beholder thing, but I tend to lean with Dave on this one.

Sometimes I really feel like we take some great steps forward when it comes to companies “getting it,” and then, when turning around, I want to kick the wall in frustration for the marketing guy in me. So while Jeremy makes some awesome points when he says that advertising as an industry will “win” the business of social media from its clients, these are just some of the examples that make me feel like they, just as PRfolk say “Ohhh, yeah!” entirely too much, need to step out of their own little world for two seconds before getting people to drop tens of thousands of dollars on technology that no one has nailed down just yet.

[ed: I apologize for the reference to Disney's "Gummi Bears" in the title. But since I've already gotten it into your head, go check out the theme song. You know you want to.]

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